Mutants & Masterminds: Emerald Defenders


Season 1: Episode 7

Emerald City, Emerald Tower
October, 2016

It’s been nearly forty-eight hours since four members of the Emerald Defenders simply vanished From Angel Island. Despite being worried, Deathstrike prepares himself by going through a training session in the Training Room. However, the simulated training turns deadly and becomes all too real.

Deathstrike fought against members of the Chessmen after they somehow managed to teleport into Emerald Tower’s training room. Deathstrike suffered some wounds but with Hope’s arrival in time, they both defeated members of the Chessmen. Upon closer imspection, they all turned out to be sophisticated androids. However, before they can be inspected closer, each one self-destructed leaving nothing but a bubbling pool of melted plastic and metal that can’t be identified.

According to Oz, Emerald Tower’s AI, the Chessmen somehow managed to hack into the tower’s system and teleport its members inside the Training Room. Equally disturbing, Oz reported that video feed of the entire battle inside the Training Room had been uploaded and then wiped out from Oz’s database. Oz was unable to trace the location of where the video was uploaded. Whoever stole the video may have been interested in seeing how members of the Emerald Defenders fight. Maximillian Mars has been notified and vows to get some answers!

Emerald Defenders





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